Family | Bubar

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Meet the Bubars. One of the most well respected families around. Everyone loves them, and for good reason. 
I had the privilege of photographing this family two years ago. Two years does a lot for young kids. And let me just say that these kids are and were angels both times! I have never seen a family with so many kids, all such good listeners and really respectful. I always look forward to seeing this family!

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We chose to start our session at Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo, New York. This is one of my favorite locations because of the variety it has to offer! There’s a pond, fields, hills, woods, swamp, boardwalk, paths, and I always see wildlife close-up! There’s always deer roaming around, but I’ve seen turtles, a muskrat looking thing, and a black capped chickadee that landed inches away from me. It’s a great spot to visit if you have never been there before!

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As the sun was about to set, we hopped in our cars for a thirty second drive across the street to Gallagher Pier! Isn’t it a beautiful way to finish off a night!?

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