Wedding | Roger & Taurie

Sitting down at a coffee shop a couple months ago, I could tell I was really going to like Taurie. She is so easy to talk to, and every. single. idea. she told me for her wedding day made me excited! I especially was interested in the secret information about a “green dress.” But what … Continued

Wedding | Timmy & Mindy

What a strong, powerful, wedding day. This was far from a cookie cutter wedding. Your wedding should speak to you. Your wedding should suit you. What an amazing day that perfectly reflected this couple’s interests, personalities, stories, and love. Mindy and Timmy met each other at a wedding 2 years ago! They were both members of … Continued

Disney World – April 2017

If you know me at all, you know I’m a big Disney World fan! If you know my family at all, you know we all like Disney World more than the average adult… I’ve been to Disney 9 times now, and my 10th trip is coming up in January. My brother Aaron and I share … Continued

Cherry Blossoms

I love cherry blossoms. I love taking photos. I love taking photos of people near cherry blossoms!! Everybody needs photos like these at some point in their life… Just look at those outfits, the trees, and the lighting! Beautiful! 

My first couple is Ryan and Alicia. They got engaged in Disney World so that means … Continued

Wedding | Jon & Hannah

I had the privilege of growing up with Hannah through a summer camp that I lived at each summer. Hannah’s family was heavily involved at Camp Hickory Hill and when I was young, it was a boys camp only. Us girls had to stick together! (Since then , they have added a separate girls camp). … Continued

Engagement | Chris & Amanda

Being with Amanda took me right back to our years in the Maryvale school district. We went up 2nd grade through senior year together at Maryvale. I honestly do not remember not knowing her! We shared many classes and many friends. She has always been one of the few sincerely sweet and genuine girls who … Continued

Engagement | Timmy & Mindy

I had the pleasure of growing up with Mindy. She has always been one of my closest friends. I am grateful that our friendship has stood the test of time, distance, and all that life throws at us.   I am so excited that she found her perfect match. Timmy has an extremely kind and … Continued

Newborn | Baby Richbart

Welcome to my in-home studio! I have been so excited to show you this gorgeous room in our new apartment! When we chose this apartment, I had no clue that it would change the way I do newborn sessions! I am so excited to announce that I am now offering newborn sessions in my own … Continued

Wedding | Andrew & Katrina

From the day I sat down with Andrew and Katrina in a coffee shop, I could tell right away that I was going to like their style! I noticed her rose gold ring and was instantly a fan. I can remember him wearing a pair of modern glasses that only the right kind of guy … Continued

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Photography is not simply documenting what is in front of you. It tells a story or sets a scene. Photographs have the power to make someone feel something. I enjoy meeting a new couple, learning about them, and making their photographs reflect a little bit about who they are. Do you enjoy viewing other people’s … Continued