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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

May 10, 2017

Photography is not simply documenting what is in front of you. It tells a story or sets a scene. Photographs have the power to make someone feel something.

I enjoy meeting a new couple, learning about them, and making their photographs reflect a little bit about who they are.

Hannah_0030.jpg Hannah_0031.jpg

Do you enjoy viewing other people’s wedding photographs? Me too. I don’t think we look at them time and time again just because they are pretty. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I know the people in the photographs. I can connect with them and feel a little bit of the emotion that they must have been feeling.  I find myself smiling when I view pictures of people laughing together.

Hannah_0024.jpg Hannah_0025.jpg

You can sense the anticipation before the groom sees his bride for the first time.

Hannah_0027.jpg Hannah_0035.jpg

You can feel the special connection a father and daughter share during their dance.


You can tell the mother’s personality during her dance with her son.


I love photography because I am able to capture the emotion felt in that moment. When photos are delivered, I know heartstrings are tugged when the couple or family sits down to view them together. It takes them right back to the instant the photo was captured. Hannah_0032.jpg Hannah_0033.jpg Hannah_0034.jpg

I also truly enjoy documenting my own life in a pretty, but powerful way. Follow along on Instagram to see regularly posted photos of my own life!