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Engagement | Chris & Amanda

May 18, 2017

Being with Amanda took me right back to our years in the Maryvale school district. We went up 2nd grade through senior year together at Maryvale. I honestly do not remember not knowing her! We shared many classes and many friends. She has always been one of the few sincerely sweet and genuine girls who never seemed capable of being anything but nice! Her fiance, Chris went to the same school as us, just two years ahead. 
 Amanda and Chris started dating at babies... babies in high school. I'm pretty sure they hold our high school's record for longest relationship... they just passed eight years! And now they are getting married!!! ChrisAmanda_0005.jpg ChrisAmanda_0004.jpg ChrisAmanda_0002.jpg ChrisAmanda_0010.jpg ChrisAmanda_0008.jpg ChrisAmanda_0001.jpg ChrisAmanda_0007.jpg ChrisAmanda_0006.jpg ChrisAmanda_0003.jpg

It was so great to catch up with these two. They are both working hard as they prepare for a life together. I am so excited to watch another couple, same age as Caleb and I, commit to officially doing life together. A lot of people would say we are too young, but those people are missing out! Life is better together! I'm so happy for them to experience the joys we have experienced already in our short first year of marriage.

ChrisAmanda_0009.jpg ChrisAmanda_0014.jpg ChrisAmanda_0013.jpg ChrisAmanda_0012.jpg

Amanda is kind of a big deal... she is one of only ten Buffalo Bandettes! The professional dance team that performs during Buffalo Bandits games. What a huge honor to have made that team! You know she's good!! Check it out.