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Wedding | Tom & Melissa

Jul 30, 2017

These two had me at “non-traditional”. Tom & Melissa described some events during their wedding as non-traditional. I was hooked! Every wedding should reflect the couple as much as Tom and Melissa’s wedding reflected them.

TimmyMindy_0030.jpg TimmyMindy_0031.jpg TimmyMindy_0034.jpg TimmyMindy_0032.jpg TimmyMindy_0035.jpg TimmyMindy_0033.jpg TimmyMindy_0036.jpg TimmyMindy_0037.jpg

Some things they chose to do differently than a typical wedding: they saw each other before the ceremony, and had gorgeous photos taken right before sunset (the ideal time for taking photos)! All the portraits were complete before the ceremony even began... Which left flexibility and a calm transition to the reception with absolutely no rushing! TimmyMindy_0038.jpg TimmyMindy_0039.jpg TimmyMindy_0040.jpg TimmyMindy_0042.jpg TimmyMindy_0041.jpg TimmyMindy_0043.jpg TimmyMindy_0044.jpg TimmyMindy_0045.jpg TimmyMindy_0046.jpg

The ceremony took place in a beautiful, white church… in the evening, after the sun had set. TimmyMindy_0047.jpg TimmyMindy_0048.jpg TimmyMindy_0049.jpg TimmyMindy_0050.jpg TimmyMindy_0051.jpg TimmyMindy_0052.jpg TimmyMindy_0053.jpg TimmyMindy_0061.jpg TimmyMindy_0055.jpg TimmyMindy_0056.jpg TimmyMindy_0057.jpg TimmyMindy_0058.jpg

They wanted the parent/child dances, and the first dance, but they didn’t want it to be a big show. The DJ played a few slow songs and they each had their special dance together in the comfort of all the other guests dancing next to them. TimmyMindy_0063.jpg TimmyMindy_0062.jpg

It’s a little bit different, huh? It was perfect, because it was what they wanted. Moms and mother in-laws, if you are reading this, let your kids do what they want. You had your time to plan a wedding and now it’s their chance! Help them achieve the vision they have, and don’t be a roadblock. I’m sure Tom and Melissa’s parents were extremely encouraging and supportive of their decisions. Unfortunately, it’s not as common as you would hope for a wedding to reflect the couples’ interests. Far too often, a couple is forced into doing things a certain way just because everyone else does it that way. Your relationship is one of a kind, so your wedding should be also! Think outside the box! How can your wedding embody your unique background, story, and love?




Hair: Care Frandina from Salon Berardo and can be followed on Instagram @_carecuts

Makeup: Gabe Drake of ilashNY

Cake: Terri Dandreamatteo

Hotel Lafayette coordinator: Charlie Safy

Flowers: Maureen’s 

DJ: Dan Rinelli

Separate wedding coordinator: Barbara Brown