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She said yes! | Sam & Brandy

Jul 31, 2017

Sam contacted me on July 1st with some very exciting news. He was planning to ask Brandy to marry him on July 29th... and he was looking for photos! My response was "Oh my gosh. I'm in." I moved my schedule around to make this possible and we worked together to make sure it would go off without a hitch!

And it did! She was truly surprised, and you won't have a doubt about that when you see her face in these photos.

I don't remember when I met Sam... I've kind of always known him through Camp Hickory Hill. Until last year when I got married, I had lived at camp for 6 weeks every summer since I was born. My dad is the camp director, so I was fortunate enough to call this beautiful, unique place "home." Sam worked his way up through the leadership ranks, and attended camp every summer. We have been friends for a very long time... I'm sure it's about ten years. When he started dating Brandy, I noticed a serious change in him. I have truly never seen him happier and more excited about life. He was SO excited for me to meet her last summer, and from my short interactions with her... I can tell that she is the best match for him. They share so many interests and most importantly, she loves everything that makes him happy. I can just tell that they are so good for each other because of this one detail. They are both so happy.


Sam and I scouted out two locations at camp a few days leading up to the proposal. He narrowed it down to the pond or the White Cross. He ended up going with the White Cross, which you will see from my photos. The White Cross is a location where we often have campfires... And it's a favorite of so many people. The view is incredible over the hill, and you're at a corner where the trees meet. It's a really cool spot. AND, I was able to hide in the woods only 30 feet away. Woohoo!

I am so excited to share these images with you. I may have been tearing up while hiding in the woods watching her bawl her eyes out... but I could still hold the camera just fine ;)

SamBrandy_0001.jpg SamBrandy_0002.jpg SamBrandy_0027.jpg SamBrandy_0028.jpg SamBrandy_0029.jpg SamBrandy_0030.jpg SamBrandy_0007.jpg SamBrandy_0008.jpg SamBrandy_0009.jpg SamBrandy_0010.jpg SamBrandy_0011.jpg SamBrandy_0012.jpg

Don't these just pull at your heart strings...? I can't handle it.

We had just enough time before the sunset to do a mini engagement session for Sam and Brandy. On the way down to the pond, Sam's family met them with joyful squeals... For real, I don't know a better word to describe what I heard! Just look at those smiling faces.

SamBrandy_0014.jpg SamBrandy_0015.jpg SamBrandy_0016.jpg SamBrandy_0017.jpg

A few more shots at the pond. They were as giggly as can be. Such an exciting night!

SamBrandy_0013.jpg SamBrandy_0018.jpg SamBrandy_0022.jpg

Congratulations Sam and Brandy! I could not be more happy for you, and more honored to have been a part of the surprise!




Planning on proposing soon? I want to be a part of it! Email me at [email protected]. I can provide you with photos like this that last forever! It's an important moment that you can't redo. And from my super accurate calculations, 9 out of 10 girls want it documented... hint hint. ;) Let's talk!