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Wedding | Ryan & Gabi

Aug 15, 2017


Gabi and I met as freshmen at Houghton College. We instantly clicked and had each other's backs during the awkward beginning stages where you have no friends. Though my time at Houghton College was short, I came away with something you just can't put a price on... all you can eat Perry's ice cream... ...and two friends I just knew would be life long friends that I would never lose. Gabi is one of those friends.

Ryan also attended Houghton, but I didn't meet him until after Gabi and him started dating (after I had left the school). He was a little quiet the first time I met him, but I realized quickly that he isn't always that way. I was not fortunate enough to witness many interactions between Ryan and Gabi, but I was able to receive regular updates from Gabi on our skype calls! This perspective was pretty cool because I watched her get happier and happier and happier. The usual question, "How's Ryan?" ALWAYS led us to discussing the possibility of him proposing one day. She was ready to wait as long as needed, she knew they would get married down the road.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a message from Ryan asking if I thought Gabi would like this ring! Oh my gosh! I was in on a humongous secret! He told me the general timeframe he planned to propose and looking at my calendar... I had a skype date with Gabi before then! Man, I had to play it cool. "How's Ryan?" led to the usual stuff and I just listened intently to her update, relieved that she never mentioned the thought of the proposal coming any time soon. Phew.
Needless to say, I was not surprised to get a call from her later that week. She was beaming!

Fast forward to the next summer, and it's time for their wedding! The venue was Two Harts Barn in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Everything from getting ready to the dance party at the end of the night took place at Two Harts Barn. I personally love staying on property all day. It eliminates travel time, transportation stress, and reduces worry about what needs to be where! If a bridesmaid forgets something at the ceremony, she just has to walk 100 feet to get it! And typically, properties that provide full day services often have really beautiful spots for portraits!


Spring Grove, Pennsylvania was a six and a half hour drive for Caleb and I from Buffalo, New York. Quite the trek the morning of the wedding, but I love to travel! We were greeted with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony spot, amazing rustic barn reception, and tons of nature for photos! There was even an outdoor patio for cocktail hour, and rooms for both the bride and groom to get ready in.

The wedding day began in the bridal suite, photographing Gabi's accessories and detail shots. Something I have never seen before, happened during this time. With only an hour and a half left until the ceremony, the bride left to rehearse a song she would sing to Ryan during the ceremony. So special!

RyanGabi_0002.jpg RyanGabi_0003.jpg RyanGabi_0005.jpg RyanGabi_0006.jpg

Look at the beautiful bride!! And these aren't the typical heels! Ha!

RyanGabi_0007.jpg RyanGabi_0008.jpg RyanGabi_0009.jpg RyanGabi_0010.jpg RyanGabi_0011.jpg RyanGabi_0012.jpg RyanGabi_0022.jpg RyanGabi_0023.jpg RyanGabi_0024.jpg

And now, Ryan's turn! I'm happy I was able to watch this quick moment between Ryan and him mom occur as she saw him all dressed up for the first time that day.

RyanGabi_0013.jpg RyanGabi_0014.jpg RyanGabi_0015.jpg RyanGabi_0016.jpg RyanGabi_0017.jpg RyanGabi_0018.jpg RyanGabi_0019.jpg RyanGabi_0020.jpg RyanGabi_0021.jpg

I just have to tell the story of the threatening rain. As you can see, the sun didn't show up much during the day. The forecast was bad. It showed rain during the ceremony and rain during the portraits. But somehow, the rain held out in the early portion of the day and they decided to plan on the ceremony outside until the last possible minute. Every time I checked the forecast, it would go from 10% to 40% to 20% to 50% chance of rain... hmmm, extremely unreliable. So they did it outside and guess what... it didn't rain until after the first kiss... And even so, it barely sprinkled and stopped in time for family portraits and bridal party photos! PHEW! We were all thrilled about that. It was the best possible outcome compared to what we were expecting.

RyanGabi_0025.jpg RyanGabi_0026.jpg RyanGabi_0027.jpg RyanGabi_0028.jpg RyanGabi_0029.jpg RyanGabi_0030.jpg RyanGabi_0031.jpg RyanGabi_0032.jpg RyanGabi_0033.jpg RyanGabi_0034.jpg RyanGabi_0035.jpg RyanGabi_0036.jpg RyanGabi_0037.jpg RyanGabi_0038.jpg RyanGabi_0039.jpg RyanGabi_0040.jpg RyanGabi_0041.jpg RyanGabi_0042.jpg RyanGabi_0043.jpg RyanGabi_0044.jpg RyanGabi_0045.jpg RyanGabi_0046.jpg RyanGabi_0047.jpg RyanGabi_0048.jpg RyanGabi_0049.jpg RyanGabi_0050.jpg RyanGabi_0051.jpg RyanGabi_0052.jpg RyanGabi_0053.jpg RyanGabi_0054.jpg RyanGabi_0055.jpg RyanGabi_0056.jpg RyanGabi_0057.jpg RyanGabi_0058.jpg RyanGabi_0059.jpg RyanGabi_0060.jpg RyanGabi_0061.jpg RyanGabi_0062.jpg RyanGabi_0063.jpg RyanGabi_0064.jpg RyanGabi_0065.jpg RyanGabi_0066.jpg RyanGabi_0067.jpg RyanGabi_0068.jpg RyanGabi_0069.jpg RyanGabi_0070.jpg RyanGabi_0071.jpg RyanGabi_0072.jpg RyanGabi_0073.jpg RyanGabi_0074.jpg RyanGabi_0075.jpg

After a beautiful, genuine ceremony, Ryan and Gabi had a relaxed reception in the decked out barn! Food and cupcakes were catered by Shady Maple Smorgasboard. And might I add that the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were the best we have ever had. Hands down. The trip to Shady Maple would be worth it just for that cupcake.

RyanGabi_0099.jpg RyanGabi_0101.jpg RyanGabi_0102.jpg RyanGabi_0100.jpg RyanGabi_0103.jpg RyanGabi_0093.jpg RyanGabi_0094.jpg RyanGabi_0095.jpg RyanGabi_0096.jpg RyanGabi_0097.jpg RyanGabi_0098.jpg RyanGabi_0077.jpg RyanGabi_0078.jpg RyanGabi_0079.jpg RyanGabi_0080.jpg RyanGabi_0081.jpg RyanGabi_0082.jpg RyanGabi_0083.jpg

Their powerful day ended with parent dances, toasts, the shoe game, an ice cream bar, and dancing!

RyanGabi_0084.jpg RyanGabi_0085.jpg RyanGabi_0086.jpg RyanGabi_0087.jpg RyanGabi_0088.jpg RyanGabi_0089.jpg RyanGabi_0090.jpg RyanGabi_0091.jpg RyanGabi_0092.jpg RyanGabi_0104.jpg RyanGabi_0105.jpg RyanGabi_0106.jpg RyanGabi_0107.jpg RyanGabi_0108.jpg

Ryan and Gabi, you are both so loved. You deserve all the joys of marriage. I am so happy for you both!






Hair - The Mane Station - Aleshia Hawkins

Makeup - done by the bride

Flowers - Royer's Flower Shop in York, PA

Officiant - Pastor Jade Rogers, Keymar Evangelical Wesleyan Church

Wedding Stationery Designs - Vistaprint

Jewelry/Accessories - David's Bridal

Boots - Tractor Supply Co.

Vests - Amazon

Ties - Kohl's

Bridal Gown - David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses - BonTon

Barn Decoration - Hobby Lobby

Cord Tying Board - Etsy

Guest Book Canvas - Etsy

Cake Toppers - Etsy

Cake, Cupcake, and Food caterer - Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Venue - Two Harts Barn in Spring Grove, PA

Two Harts Barn coordinator - Chris Lease