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Family | Landri

Sep 26, 2017

I met Alyissa at a wedding over two years ago. Caleb and I were the videographers and Alyissa was the photographer. Alyissa was the nicest stranger ever, so that helped ;) but I felt like I clicked with her, especially since we are both photographers. Once I got the chance to see her photos from that wedding, I was a big fan. I have looked up to Alyissa and followed her work ever since. Please visit her beautiful website here. And follow her on facebook here.


You can imagine how excited I was when Alyissa came to me to ask for family photos! What an honor to have been chosen by such a talented photographer. It means a lot for her to pick me out of all the photographers in the Buffalo area.


I had a great time with Derek, Alyissa and the kids at Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. This is one of the most used locations for bridal party photos (fine by me, I LOVE the white steps!!) but I had never used this location for family photos! The light colored steps created a beautiful backdrop for the blues and light colors in the family's clothes. Alyissa rocked that dress and nailed the whole family's outfits!

LandriBlog_0002.jpg LandriBlog_0003.jpg LandriBlog_0004.jpg LandriBlog_0007.jpg LandriBlog_0008.jpg

Family sessions are one of my favorite things. Maybe it's because of the challenge of unpredictable children... every session, every family is different. But the outcome is always so worth it. Kids can be hilarious, easy-going, ridiculous, stubborn, or downright not a fan of cameras. But the way I do things, allows any attitude or personality to be documented in a very real way. I love posed photos of everyone looking at the camera, but even more than that, I love documenting real life! I love capturing the relationship between a mother and daughter, two brothers, or a man and his wife. Each relationship is unique and deserves to be documented in its own way. Kids can't be expected to sit still the whole session long. I like to get them moving around and talking to me. My goal is for them to have a great time, so they think we just played for an hour and a half!

LandriBlog_0009.jpg LandriBlog_0010.jpg LandriBlog_0011.jpg LandriBlog_0012.jpg LandriBlog_0013.jpg LandriBlog_0005.jpg LandriBlog_0006.jpg LandriBlog_0014.jpg LandriBlog_0015.jpg LandriBlog_0016.jpg LandriBlog_0017.jpg LandriBlog_0018.jpg LandriBlog_0019.jpg LandriBlog_0020.jpg LandriBlog_0021.jpg LandriBlog_0022.jpg LandriBlog_0024.jpg LandriBlog_0025.jpg LandriBlog_0026.jpg LandriBlog_0027.jpg LandriBlog_0028.jpg LandriBlog_0029.jpg LandriBlog_0030.jpg LandriBlog_0031.jpg

I adore these photos. If this gives you even a small glimpse into the life of the Landri family, then I've achieved my goal. Thanks for reading.