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Pixie Dust Photo Sessions

Sep 30, 2017

Disney World Family Photographer_0019.jpg

I don't have a crazy, ridiculous, impossible, long bucket list. It's actually pretty short... and weirdly involves mostly things pertaining to the Disney Parks. I don't have a problem, you have a problem.

• Visit Disneyland in California • Visit Shanghai Disneyland • Visit Tokyo Disney • Visit Hong Kong Disneyland • Visit Disneyland Paris • Work at Disney World • Live short-term near Disney World • Take portraits in Disney World • Stay at the Polynesian Resort • Achieve financial freedom • Visit France • Do a National Parks road trip • Go to Hawaii and snorkel with Nemo • Have an insanely cool backyard that includes a Tiki pool and bar • Marry Caleb Porzio ✔️ • Get Caleb Porzio to go to the allergist so we can have lots of kittens

(You should know that I created this list right here, right now... for you!) Recently, I was able to check another item off my list! Taking portraits inside the Disney Parks. I am obsessed with how these sessions turned out, and I cannot wait to get back in early January and February and do some more! In fact, it inspired me to make connections with people everywhere I go, so that I can do sessions in new, cool places! For example, I recently photographed Jazmyn and Theo in the Sabino Canyon of Tucson, Arizona. To understand my brain, picture being in some of the coolest most awe-inspiring places you've ever been, now think "This is amazing, I wish I had a couple or family to photograph in this beautiful location." I love documenting relationships, and new settings inspire me big time!

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to go to Walt Disney World once every 4 years of my life until I was in high school when I could pay for myself to go more frequently! I have a history in those parks. So many memories and milestones. I see these young kids having the time of their life and I relate fully. The only thing better than documenting relationships through photos, is to document relationships through photos in a Disney Park! These photos will be cherished by the adults forever, and in a few years... the kids will love to look back on photos taken in their favorite place! I wish my family did something like this when I was a kid! I am able to provide families and couples with the beautiful gift of documenting real life. Family photos are a special, special thing that you will never regret having done. I look forward to seeing these kiddos in the future, and documenting the new stage of life that they have reached.

Disney World Family Photographer_0020.jpg

Take a look at some of my favorites of these two adorable little boys with their mom. We started at the Train Station in the Magic Kingdom, and worked our way down Main Street and behind the castle!

Disney World Family Photographer_0009.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0010.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0011.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0012.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0013.jpg

Daryl and Janna were a joy to spend an evening with in the World Showcase of Epcot. See if you recognize the countries we visited!

Disney World Family Photographer_0014.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0015.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0016.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0017.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0018.jpg

This sweet family was a fairytale! Photos in front of the castle and then behind it in Fantasyland. A dream come true!

Disney World Family Photographer_0021.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0022.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0023.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0024.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0025.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0026.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0027.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0028.jpg Disney World Family Photographer_0029.jpg

See ya real soon! [email protected]