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Disney World | 4 Parks in 1 Day (New Disney Photos!)

Apr 9, 2018


This was my 10th Disney World trip (Fair warning, I think I’m about to lose track of how many trips pretty fast)!

As a frequent Disney World goer, you’ve heard of the “4 parks in 1 day challenge.” Before this last trip, I had never tried to do it… it just seems inefficient! I always felt like I was wasting too much precious time traveling from one park to another. But since I’ve been going more often and have done everything a million times over, my brother and I decided (spur of the moment) to play it by ear and ride a favorite ride in the 2 parks we weren’t planning on going to! Follow along on our Disney day and enjoy the photos I snapped along the way! 😍


This trip was a short, 2 day and 1 night trip! We arrived at Orlando International Airport before 8am thanks to Southwest Airlines’ early morning flights! ✈ A quick drive on the Magical Express, and we hopped off at the Boardwalk (even though we stayed at Caribbean Beach), and took the scenic walk to Epcot through the International Gateway.


That was also a new experience for me, arriving into Epcot through the back door ;) France, UK, and Canada were so quiet and peaceful that early in the morning and we walked right onto Frozen Ever After (without using our fastpass that we would later exchange for something else)!


Knowing we wanted to focus mainly on Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival and stuff our faces with new foods, we took advantage of the time before the festival began at 11am to ride and see everything we wanted to!


Mission Space has a new video for the mild version of their ride (fun fact: only one ride in all of Disney has made me sick… the intense version of Mission Space) so Aaron and I wanted to ride it a second time… the first time was in January.

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0003.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0004.jpg

Living With The Land, one of the calmest rides ever… I enjoy the relaxation that it provides. I find myself always caught up in riding Soarin over and over again that it’s easy for Living With The Land to fall into Soarin’s shadow. We made it a priority this time!


After getting our free Annual Passholder Flower and Garden Festival magnet, we watched the fountains, took some pictures, bought a new pressed penny book, and had breakfast at my favorite place in all of Epcot… The France Bakery (Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie). We got 2 of my favorite savory item at the bakery (this is too good to share)... The Roule au Fromage, AKA bacon and cheese roll.

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0057.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0046.jpg

Take a look at these screenshots from my Instagram Story (still in my highlights if you head over to my Instagram! Although we tried more than what is pictured here, here are my favorite items from the Flower and Garden Festival! So much fun!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0058.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0059.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0007.jpg

I only have two favorite entertainments, things that are a must see everytime… Sergio the Italian Mime in Italy! And the Voices of Liberty in America (chills everytime).


Sergio is hilarious, well worth catching his show!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0041.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0042.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0043.jpg

The Voices of Liberty are so freakin good.


We planned on staying at Epcot all day only to leave in time for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. By the time we saw everything on our must-do list (remember we were just there in January, and last spring for over a week each time), it was only 2pm and we decided on the spot to make our next fastpass for a different park.

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0047.jpg Phone pictures ⬆, Camera picture ⬇ Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0008.jpg

First stop, Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom!


But wait… as we were walking into Animal Kingdom, a kind stranger stopped us and asked if we wanted this Flight of Passage rider swap… 😮😲 UHHH YES. This is a fastpass you get if you have at least 2 adults that want to ride a ride that the child in your party cannot do. It allows one adult to go on while the other cares for the child, and then you switch and take this paper fastpass on the ride while the other person watches the child. Not that our day wasn’t already made by being on Disney World property, but now our day was extra made. Thank you kind stranger!!! 😘

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0048.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0064.jpg

We rode Dinosaur, rode Flight of Passage, and considered buying food but we ate all of Epcot so there was no room left in our stomachs. I took my camera into Pandora for the first time and can’t wait to get back for more photos!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0011.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0012.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0013.jpg

Next stop, Hollywood Studios to ride one ride and pick up one of my all-time favorite snacks! (No, still not hungry... but I took it to-go!)


Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0015.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0016.jpg

I clearly took my time at the entrance to Hollywood Studios getting some pictures of views I always take for granted. We headed through the Star Wars stage show and over to Toy Story Midway Mania with our fastpass.


On the way out I was sure to stop at Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard to pick up my favorite carrot cake cookie… If you like carrot cake, this is a must have!!! It’s fantastic. (P.S. They are converting this store into a Toy Story Merchandise shop and taking out the kitchen… 😟 I hope the carrot cake cookie lives on somewhere else).


Our final stop and fourth park was Magic Kingdom!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0018.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0019.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0020.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0021.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0022.jpg

We made it in time to grab dinner from one of our favorite restaurants, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (the fajita platter is $15 and big enough to share). We rode some rides, watched Happily Ever After, ate a jalapeno pretzel and soft serve ice cream sundae, and headed to Caribbean Beach for the night. Total stats that day; 22 hours awake, 15.5 hours in the parks, and 16.03 miles walked. Piece of cake ;)

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0050.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0051.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0061.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0062.jpg

Our next day was fully spent in Magic Kingdom! We took time to enjoy some things we often pass by, the trolley show, water painters, the NUTELLA WAFFLE SANDWICH… 🤤 ummm, hello! It made it on our list! (maybe not sharing next time…)!!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0052.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0053.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0063.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0054.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0031.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0032.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0033.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0035.jpg

Shoutout to the All-American Sundae from Plaza Ice Cream on Main Street USA! Would get again, not amazing, but a good option to mix it up from the ice cream cookie sandwich I always get! Cheshire Cat Tail from Cheshire Cafe, would not get again, nothing special. Dark chocolate covered pineapple spears, I get one of these at least once every trip. These are fantastic. They also make milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is where it’s at!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0034.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0055.jpg

My favorite time was spent with a family and couple taking photos around the Magic Kingdom! If you want photos in Disney World, contact me… I am coming back May 15th-16th, maybe some dates in August and October, and I’m sure something else will pop up! I make my trips revolving around YOU, so give me an excuse to come! 😉 Here is my travel calendar, but for real… message me if you are planning a trip regardless if our dates matchup!

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0023.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0024.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0025.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0026.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0027.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0028.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0029.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0030.jpg

And if you are looking for ANY Disney World tips of any sort, just ask. It makes me happy to help people. See?

Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0036.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0037.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0038.jpg Disney_World_Photo_Session_March2018_0039.jpg

Coming back May 15th-16th! Who wants pictures!!? Reach out and say hi!


My brother, Aaron and I!


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