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Cake Smash | Noah

Mar 19, 2018

Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0001.jpg This little guy can’t really talk yet... but when he does, he will call me Aunt Hannah… or some rendition of it! (I have been called Aunt Hannie, Aun Ananananana, and Au Ha-uh by Noah’s older cousins… we’ll see what he does)

My youngest nephew just turned one, and what better way to celebrate than with a cake smash!!?

Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0002.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0003.jpg

Cake smashes are one of my favorite kinds of photos to take… I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a baby destroy a cake and involuntarily shake a little from the instant sugar rush? It’s hilarious and adorable, and Noah was no exception.

Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0004.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0005.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0006.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0007.jpg

One of the happiest babies I know, Noah made us work for these smiles for some reason. I think he’s already camera shy… Or just way too focused on eating his cake. I definitely don’t blame him.

Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0008.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0009.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0010.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0011.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0012.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0013.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0014.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0015.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0016.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0017.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0018.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0019.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0020.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0021.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0022.jpg Buffalo_NY_Cake_Smash_Noah_0023.jpg

Pretty cute, huh?

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