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2017 Engagement Highlights

Mar 5, 2018


Is it too late for a 2017 Highlights post!? Naw! Let’s do it!

2017 was a wonderful year for Hannah Kathleen Photography! Most of my photos were taken in or around our very own Buffalo, New York… but 2017 was a year where I dabbled in doing sessions as I traveled, too! This is something I instantly learned that I LOVE, as you can see from my travel calendar here for spring and summer of 2018. A couple Disney World trips, some hiking in the Adirondacks, and a Boston, MA trip to name a few that I’m really excited about! If you are ever looking for pictures in a specific location, hit me up… and be sure to check my travel calendar to see if you will be anywhere near where I will be!


I’m going to focus on engagement photography for this blog post, but remember, I also love family photos, senior photos, newborn photos, and anything in between! I’m always up for an adventure, always excited to make new friends, and I’m always down to chase the sunset. Growing up in Buffalo, New York, I know this area pretty well but if you have a new place for me to explore and take photos at, I’d love to join you!

Take a look at some engagement photos that stick out to me from my 2017 sessions!

A beautiful early spring session on Lake Erie! Engagment_Photography_2017_0001.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0002.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0003.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0004.jpg

One of my favorite morning sessions, I mean look at how gorgeous this couple is! Engagment_Photography_2017_0005.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0006.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0007.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0008.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0009.jpg

These two sessions took place at one of the dreamiest locations and times of year EVER... Cherry Blossom Season!!! 😍 Engagment_Photography_2017_0010.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0011.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0012.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0013.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0014.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0015.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0016.jpg

Then I did a little bit of traveling to my favorite place - The Happiest Place On Earth! And back home for a Christmas themed engagement session in the spring! This couple was getting married the following winter, so they chose a christmas tree farm for their location! Engagment_Photography_2017_0017.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0018.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0019.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0020.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0021.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0022.jpg

This bride and groom went on a hike with me down to the very bottom of Niagara Fall's Whirlpool State Park! And we worked hard to get back up before sunset! Engagment_Photography_2017_0023.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0024.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0025.jpg

A favorite Buffalo location because of the GORGEOUS white steps! And look how beautiful she is! After this session, I traveled to Tucson, Arizona with some of my family. A special time with family, but I can always make time to make new friends and take pictures in new places! Notice the saguaro cactii? This session was in Sabino Canyon in Arizona! Engagment_Photography_2017_0026.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0027.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0028.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0029.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0030.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0031.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0032.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0033.jpg

One of my best friends got married this past summer, and although I was a bridesmaid and not the photographer - I had the privelege to give them engagement photos! Engagment_Photography_2017_0034.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0035.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0036.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0037.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0038.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0039.jpg

This is one of my favorite couples from one of my favorite families! I photographed Elena's wedding AND her brother's wedding a couple years back! Engagment_Photography_2017_0040.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0041.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0042.jpg

You want to incorporate water in your engagement photos!? Okay, we are instant best friends. Waterfalls, creeks, rivers, lakes. You name it. I'm there. Engagment_Photography_2017_0043.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0044.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0045.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0046.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0047.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0048.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0049.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0050.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0051.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0052.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0053.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0054.jpg

I love these fall sessions in a location that provided subtle tones of fall! Engagment_Photography_2017_0055.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0056.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0057.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0058.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0059.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0060.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0061.jpg Engagment_Photography_2017_0062.jpg

Thanks for going on this little journey through some highlights from 2017. I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!

If you have an engagement session coming up, take a look at how you can prepare for your photos!

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